"A special culmination ceremony is held upon completion”

The EECI Adult and Young Adult programs consists of five major components: (a) outreach, screening and enrollment (b) classroom training and seminars, (c) round table discussions and workshops (d) individualized consulting and mentoring, and (e) field trips. The curriculum is designed for 20 students per class. Each student has approximately 100 hours of service. The course is implemented over a nine-month period in a fully equipped Computer Center. The deliverables will include, but are not be limited to: The Executive Summary; the Start-up Mechanics; the Management Team; the Target Area; the Marketing Plan; the Financial Plan; and the Future. It is clear to EECI that Workshop and Writing Sessions are needed for the courses. In addition, the Young Adult Programs will include “Life Skill Courses.” Often, their business plan can be a road map for their daily lives and the business plan and the life plan will coincide. The introduction to Small Business and Entrepreneurship will give the young adults options to pursue in college for them, their parents and often their siblings. Clearly, we will identify entrepreneurs born to be in business.  

Entrepreneurial Classroom Instruction 


• The Mind Set and Success Traits
• The Concept and Feasibility
• Legal Aspects of Business
• Entry Strategies
• Planning
• Marketing
• Management Financial Planning 
• Money – Where It is and How to Get It


• Need for Growth Strategy
• Methods of Growing
• Expansion of Sales Operations
• Managing and Financing Growth
• Buying a Business
• Evaluation of Growth Plan
• The Future 

Stipends will be awarded to qualified students for city, state or governmental fees, incorporating fees for the Secretary of State, or commencing their DBA’s and companies. Not having these start-up costs prevent many good entrepreneurs from starting their business. We will assist them by providing these funds. The EECI Programs will also have continual Professional Development, Networking, and Mentoring activities on an on-going basis. These activities will include presentations by Successful Entrepreneurs, presentations on new and existing government and industry programs, and “Meet N Greet” sessions with other Entrepreneurs with like and/or similar interest. Individuals who participate in the Apprenticeship and the Computer Training/Certification Programs will be able to continually utilize the Programs resources when searching for employment, and/or for Professional Development needs.

Life, Employment and Career Preparation 

Individuals, in all phases of the programs offered, especially the youth component, will participate in specialized Personal and Professional Development Classes. Personal Development Curriculum shall include, but not be limited to:


• Bridging Higher Education (College) with Compatible Industry Careers
• Preparing A Personal Mission Statement
•Preparing A Student/Personal Bio and Resume Writing
•Presenting Your Best for Colleges and Career Paths


• The College Application Process & Financial Aid
• Learning Styles & Critical and Creative Thinking
• Successful Test Taking, Time Management and Study Skills
• Wellness & Well-Being


• Forming Positive Relationships
• Interviewing & Informational Interviews
• Parent Orientation 

The participants will be taught the keys to unlock and manage a successful career in business. Among these keys are research, networking, preparation and staying current with industry trends. We will proactively teach these technical and professional skills to students throughout their education – supporting their vocational goals and helping to bridge the gap between academia and the workplace. The EECI staff are a group of professionals dedicated to opening doors for all of the program’s successful graduates. Our Staff and Advisors will help students and graduates navigate through the industry, prepare them for contact with potential employers, as well as the realities of the business; ensuring they have the skills needed to secure employment, build a career, and sustain it successfully.


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